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  Another purpose of the organization is to exchange information and provide mutual assistance related to the preservation and operation of these kinds of historical materials.
  For the next several years after 1965, a yearly reunion and show was held, but not during the same month of the year. During the past several years, the yearly reunion and show has been called the Fall Festival, which is held in September.
  The show grounds of the Early Days has moved four times since the first show on the Pino homestead farm. The first move was in 1967 to the Tioga County Fairgrounds in Whitneyville, Pa. The second move began in the spring of 1983 to the Ross Pino Windy Ridge Farm near CHerry Flats, Pa. This move was completed in 1984 and the site was used until 2005. The third move occured in 2006 to the Linam Farm on West Hill Road in Covington, Pa. The most recent move was back to the Tioga County Faigrounds in 2012.
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